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About Us

OLOTU Packaging International

We are a US based company, located in Rochester, NY–with over 40 years of experience in the printing and packaging industry. With a good understanding of product and market requirements, many iconic brands have benefitted from working with us.

Key to a good packaging carton, is its structural design and innovation in print production. Our expert structural designers work closely with customers to deliver high impacting results. By providing paper comps, 3D prototypes, rigid set-up boxes and vacuum formed solutions, you will be able to visualize your final products–ahead of time and with greater confidence.

Your cartons will be produced on state-of-the-art printing presses, on a wide range of substrates–even upto 40 point, with fine textures. It is only natural that our customers' products dazzle with a long lasting impression.

A printing professional of several decades, Lanre holds a BS in Printing Technologies from the reputed Rochester Institute of Technology, NY. This is in addition to certificate courses from the London School of Printing, UK. Having grown from the ranks, Lanre has served several roles including Account manager, Sales manager, before moving up the ranks to senior management positions such as VP of reputed printing companies in the US. In 1993, he became the owner/President of Printing Methods, Inc., where he grew the revenue to $20m.

A born entrepreneur  (recognized by Ernst & Young) Lanre, while ensuring growth for his company, always pays close attention to customer needs and is a great champion for his customers. With extensive years in the printing and packaging business, Lanre has the unique ability to suggest innovative means to solve a customer issue in simple ways. Little wonder, many of his customers are loyal to him and vouch for his professionalism, integrity and commitment to delivering well.